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What folks are saying about my Client Onboarding Toolkit

“I bought and completed your Toolkit and I loved it! The info you presented was just the structure that my business needs...and presented so beautifully! Although I am a photographer, I found it easy to adapt to my service. Thank you for this insightful information Jill!”

Aaron Dougherty
—Aaron Dougherty, Home Funishings Photographer

“The Client Onboarding Toolkit is amazing, really well done, and easy to follow. I appreciate the easy links for each of the action steps and tips on what to say. (I’ve never sent a contract before, so it's nice having that verbiage handy.)”

Amy Weiher
—Amy Weiher, Founder and Creative Directrix, Weiher Creative Inc.

Save yourself some time and heartache when it comes to onboarding new clients. Jill has taken everything I taught her, added her own experience and smarts, then distilled it into a simple process so that her fellow creatives can learn from her experience. The Client Onboarding Toolkit is genius!”

Ilise Benun
—Ilise Benun,

“The Client Onboarding Toolkit is so much more than what I was expecting (i.e., a PDF downloadable with basic info on client onboarding). It’s more like an uber-intense checklist for finally getting your s#%! together when it comes to your creative business. I’m a designer and this has been an invaluable tool for me to start thinking more about my process!

Jennifer Leonardson
—Jennifer Leonardson, Principal & Designer, Oxyjen Design, Inc.

“I like how the Client Onboarding Toolkit’s information is organized into individual steps I can take. And as a designer, the look of the toolkit and its clean typography really speaks to me!”

Jillfrances Gray
—Jillfrances Gray, Owner of JFG Visual Communications

“ I put lots of energy into my proposals but then get bogged down at the contract stage, often skipping it quickly to move on to the marketing work I love to do. Thanks to Jill's Client Onboarding Toolkit and its tips and templates, I'm turning my bad onboarding habits into new best practices.”

Melanie Deardorff
—Melanie the Marketer, Melanie Deardorff, LLC

“The Client Onboarding Toolkit is an amazing reference for veteran and newbie creatives. It is written in a clear and concise manner that leads you through best practices on onboarding your clients. As a designer who has been running my business for 35 years, it taught me many things that I need to edit in my business to make client onboarding run smoother. A must tool for all creatives!”

Nancy Ruzow
—Nancy Ruzow, Founder and Principal Designer, Ruzow Graphics Inc

“Jill’s Client Onboarding Toolkit is great! I like its simplicity, the bite-sized instructions and the action steps in each section. It’s a perfect roadmap for me!”

Yamilca Montanez
—Yamilca Montanez, Managing Partner at Saint James Studios

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